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Rugged Monitoring Young Talent Competition

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Rugged Monitoring Young Talent Competition

Rugged Monitoring Young Talent Competition

Congratulations! you have completed the first step of the competition.

Now, the good news is for those who want to explore your writing skills in technical areas. With the intent of promoting advance sensor awareness among the younger generation, Rugged Monitoring is launching a young talent competition on technical writing. The objective of the competition is to encourage people in learning about new sensing technologies and be creative in writing technical blogs and articles.

The details of the competition are as follows: 

Start Date:  Aug 20th 2019

What’s next?

1)   Visit our page - Done

2)   Register here

3)   Choose the topic

4)   Follow Instructions

5)   Submit the blog to 

       Topics to Choose

i.    Switchgear temperature monitoring using Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

ii.   Applications of Fiber Optic Temperature sensors in Semiconductor Industry

iii.   Advantages of Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in Microwave heating

iv.   Applications of Fiber Optic Temperature sensors in the Medical Industry


i.    Written in good and readable English

ii.   Must be related to any one of the topics listed above.

iii.   Must cover the application and benefit of Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring.

iv.   Must have a minimum of 600 words. Pictures or diagrams are useful and welcomed

v.   Must be original and free from plagiarism. A plagiarism check will be performed on all articles

vi.   Must be grammar error-free.

vii.  For reference - please visit our Blog and solutions page.

viii. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest updates on the competition and its results.

Last date for submission: Sep 15th 2019

Winner Announcement:  Sep 20th 2019


i.    Get a chance to participate in future blog content writing requirements

ii.   Get a chance to interact with our technical team for your queries.

iii.   A digital talent certificate from our Organization.

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