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radio frequency ablation - rugged monitoring
Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for Radio Frequency Ablation

Radio Frequency ablation is a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of cancers. It is performed by inducing alternating current through the RF electrode that causes heat. The temperature needs to be precisely controlled to cause tissue necrosis (death of cells).

dry type transformer
Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring for Dry Type Transformer (Cast Resin Transformer)

Rugged Monitoring (RM) provides cost-effective fiber optic temperature sensors to dry type transformers. The sensors provide continuous real-time monitoring of dry type transformer temperature at winding to quickly detect overload and fault conditions. RM Fiber Optic Te

microwave digestion instrument
Fiber Optic Sensors for Microwave Digestion Instrument

Microwave heating is very popular for quick and selective digestion of materials in various industries e.g. Food and feed, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Environmental, etc. In these application, the sample is mixed into an acid mixture and heated to high temperature, up to

Electric vehicle testing
Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in Electric Vehicle Temperature Testing

Temperature management is one of the most important part in the design, development and testing process of electric / hybrid vehicles. The performance and aging of all critical components of electric vehicle highly depend on the temperature distribution and developing h

wood drying application
Wood Drying Application

In the wood industry, microwaves and radiofrequencies are used to perform a quick, uniform and controlled heating of high value wood material. The mainly known pursued objective for heating pieces of wood is the drying of the wood pieces, but other goals can be achieved