Rugged Monitoring Solutions

Fiber Optic Solutions

Customer application solutions that provide unique differentiation using fiber optic temperature sensors in E-mobility, Medical, Energy and other industry verticals

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  • rugged monitor fiber optic monitor

    Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors

    High performance rugged Monitors for fiber optic temperature sensors designed for reliability & flexibility.

  • rugged_connect_fiber_optic_temperature_sensors

    Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

    Rugged fiber optic sensors for precision measurement in R&D labs, Microwaves, High Voltage, Automotive, Aerospace & Military applications.

  • rugged_connect_fiber_optic_temperature_software

    Fiber Optic rConnect Software

    Smart simple design. Intuitive user interface designed to record and present sensory data in easy to use format. Export data in multiple formats.

  • Fiber Optic Temperature Accessories

    Wide range of fiber optic accessories to adapted to individual application needs.

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