Automotive & Transportation

Rugged Fiber Optic sensors for Aerospace, Electric Vehicles and Battery testing.


High performing rugged sensors for multitude of medical applications like MRI, PET Scans and medical components.

Radio Frequency & Microwave

Industrial grade fiber optic sensors for harsh environments and microwave heating applications.

Food & Beverage

High precision sensors for sterile environments. Designed with PTFE to meet highest global food safety standards

Industrial Applications

Rugged fiber optic sensors designed for reliability. Delivers the best long term reliability and are intrinsically safe

Research Laboratories & Universities

Customizable fiber optic sensors with superior performance for cutting edge research applications.

Welcome to Rugged Monitoring

Rugged fiber optic sensors and monitoring solutions for diverse applications

Industries We Serve

Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Microwave, Radio Frequency, Food & Beverage, Renewable Energy, Chemical Industries, Cryogenics, Research and University Laboratories.


Leading provider fiber sensing solutions dedicated to offer best in class Reliability & Service.


Be first in mind and first in choice for customers by delivering leading edge innovative and reliable monitoring solutions.

Why Us

Industry leading team of fiber optic experts with 100+ years of experience, and committed to deliver customizable solutions for challenging applications.

Rugged Monitoring offers high performance fiber optic sensors , monitors & software serving wide range of applications.

Reliable, High Performance, Precision, Immune to external influence and Customizable.

We deliver high performance fiber optic sensing solutions to a wide range applications.