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Cannabis Drying using RF/Microwave Heating

RF/Microwave drying of fresh cannabis flowers reduces the total drying time from 5-7 days to approximately 35 minutes. The faster drying also helps to prevent spoilages and molding. However, temperature controlled cyclic heating is the only option to maintain product quality and prevent Cannabis buds from burns.

We have designed special fiber optic temperature sensors for the cannabis industry with fast responses, high accuracy, robustness, and immunity to RF/Microwaves. These multiple insertion sensors and OEM modules are being widely used in monitoring cannabis temperature during the drying process.

Cannabis Drying using RF/Microwave Heating

Cannabis Pasteurization/Sterilization using RF

Radiofrequency (RF) heating is a very popular technique in the organic sanitization of post-harvest Cannabis. The Cannabis are heated inside a conveyorized RF system to eliminate molds, yeasts, and pests. Monitoring cannabis temperature during the pasteurization and disinfestation processes is critical to maintain the quality of the product.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are accurate and safer to use in RF environments. Our sensors are designed for multiple insertions into cannabis bags and ideal to fit into conveyorized systems. The temperature monitor can easily be installed into the control box of the RF system.

Cannabis Pasteurization/Sterilization using RF

Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Cannabinoids

Temperature is the most important and actively monitored parameter in Microwave-Assisted Extraction (MAE). During the extraction of CBDs, the temperature must be maintained between 65-100 0C. Lower temperature results in lower efficiency of the extraction process and higher temperature degrades the output quality.

Our fast, responsive, and accurate fiber optic temperature sensors are being used in the MAE of cannabinoids (CBDs) by all major cannabis companies. The sensors are also safe to use inside microwaves and are fast and responsive (within 40ms) allowing for the improved quality of the extraction.

Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Cannabinoids

Cannabis Testing/Approval using MW Digestion

Microwave digestion is used to create test samples for testing various cannabis products, like oil, extract, or flowers. The digestive sample is used to identify the toxic heavy materials in cannabis. High pressure and temperatures are achieved using a pressurized vessel and microwave heating.

Temperature monitoring and control is crucial to maintain the quality of digestion and reduce digestion reactor losses.

Rugged monitoring’s fiber optic temperature sensors are fast, responsive, and accurate for effective temperature control of the microwave digestion process of Cannabinoids (CBD and THC).

Cannabis Testing/Approval using MW Digestion