fiber optic temperature sensors for emobility


Rugged fiber optic temperature sensors for E-Mobility applications including Aerospace, Automotive and Battery testing applications.

Why Rugged Monitoring + E-Mobility?

The E-Mobility industry is going through a significant transformation in vehicle designs with the transition to electric vehicles and batteries. Electric vehicle designs are migrating to higher voltage motors and fast charging battery systems. The failure of a motor or an unstable battery can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The temperature of a lithium ion battery strongly influences its performance. In addition insulation break down can impact motor performance and stability. In an automotive environment, it is possible for the temperature of the battery to vary with the temperature of the operating environment. One of the highest profile incidents highlighting the importance of thermal management of lithium Ion batteries is the incident involving Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.

Rugged Monitoring provides comprehensive testing solutions for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids and Batteries used in automotive and transportation applications. We are a team with a combined experience of 100+ years in fiber optics and serving the automotive industry by delivering innovative automotive grade solutions and addressing key vehicle electrical systems.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are intrinsically safe, and immune to external influence (magnetic fields, corrosion, vibration etc.). They are also highly responsive and can help design engineers test Electric motors, Batteries and charging system's thermal management at component and complete system level. We also offer an OEM solution for system integration needs.

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