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The Rugged Monitoring Tsens probes have been designed and built so they can be incorporated in your transformers to give precise results (direct measurements of temperature). The sensing technology is based on the proven zero-drift GaAs technology. They are completely built using first quality materials, all with very high dielectric strength, so your transformers can benefit from accurate temperature readings, which is essential to a good knowledge of transformer aging rate. During a factory heatrun tests these probes will give to both transformer manufacturer and operator invaluable information regarding the transformer expected MVA performance. The patented tip construction makes them extremely robust, while being very easy to install in radial spacers or in other pressboard material (such as for temperature measurements in yokes or other transformer components). The spiral-wrap cable is especially constructed to allow complete oil penetration so you can be assured that no air can be present. All materials used in the probe construction are compatible with high temperature kerosene desoprtion processes.

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