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Temperature management is one of the most important part in the design, development and testing process of electric / hybrid vehicles. The performance and aging of all critical components of electric vehicle highly depend on the temperature distribution and developing hot spots within. Therefore,  faster and accurate temperature measurement is necessary at each stage of EV product development e.g. individual component level testing for identifying performance limits and temperature behavior of individual components, and fully assembled electric vehicles to ensure the overall performance and safety.

Electric / Hybrid vehicle design and architecture differs a lot from the traditional Petrol and Diesel vehicles. The shift from low voltage to high voltage (up to 1000V) connections and operations within the similar vehicle space (or some time lesser space) bring challenges in terms of safety, limited access and electromagnetic noise issues during testing and measurements. Fiber Optic technology based sensors e.g. Fiber Optic Temperature sensors are becoming more and more popular in testing Electric / Hybrid vehicles due to their immunity to electromagnetic field, ruggedness, smaller size, faster response, high accuracy and safety of operation.

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