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BM201- Rugged Bushing Monitoring Module for Industry Applications.


Rugged Monitoring BM201 is an online bushing monitoring module designed compactly to monitor real time condition of the Bushings Operating under high voltage substation environments with greater reliability BM201 measures Power Factor/Tan δ and Capacitance from the bushing test tap adaptors. It will alert personnel of fault conditions at an early stage and provide vital health information on the bushings and the transformer. 

  • Online monitoring of condensing/ capacitive type bushings
  • Online Monitoring of Transformer Bushings
  • Online Monitoring of Breaker Bushings
  • Minimize asset outages due to bushing failure 
  • Efficient to avoid most dangerous catastrophic failures of bushings 
  • Optimize bushing replacement planning: RoC of Tan δ and capacitance. 
  • Cost optimized solution for different types of electrical asset
  • Faster integration with SCADA or Cloud 
Technical Specifications

Measurement Range Leakage Current

Measurement Accuracy
- Leakage Current
- Tan Delta (PF)
- Capacitance
- Voltage
Scan Rate
Serial Port
Configuration Port
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Number of Channels
Power Input
No of Relays Outputs

1mA to 200mA

± 0.5%
± 0.5%
± 0.1%
± 0.5%
-200 ms / channel
MicroSD external memory slot (Up to 2 TB)
1 sec interval on USB
RS-485 with Modbus RTU
USB (to use with Rugged Connect windows software)
-25 to 75 °C
-40 to 85 °C
03 and 06 channels
4.92" x 4.92" x 1.89" (125mm x 125mm x 48mm)
95% Non Condensing
12 - 24V DC ( Default)
01 x Fail Safe Relay for System Failure

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