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Provides highly accurate information about the abnormalities in the oil and to ensure the best health condition in transformers.

Key Features

Maintenance of Transformer has evolved over the years from a necessary item of expenditure to a strategic tool in the management of electrical transmission and distribution networks.

Determination of fault gases, moisture in oil and oil temperature of transformer insulating oil in the gas- concentration is very important. By accurately monitoring the condition of the oil, any sudden faults can be identified, and outages can potentially be avoided. Leading to an efficient approach to maintenance and the optimum intervals can be determined for replacement.

We at Rugged Monitoring are motivated to provide innovative and exceptional quality products, our vision remains focused on meeting customer requirements while anticipating and exceeding the needs of a continuously changing dynamic market.

Power Transformers

  • Extended transformer life
  • Minimize the need for internal inspections
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Mitigate the Risk and Potential for any catastrophic failures
  • Easy to mount on the operating transformer without any operational interruption
  • Advanced software with intuitive operation
Technical Specifications

Locations of use

Installation altitude
Mounting location
Ambient temperature during operation 6
Oil temperature during operation 6, 7
DGA measuring range with respect to the ambient temperature 6
DGA measuring range with respect to the oil temperature 6, 7
Ambient humidity
Ambient temperature storage/transport

Indoors and outdoors, all climate zones

Up to 4,000 m above MSL
Directly on the transformer tank or in the oil closed circuit cooling pipe; installation horizontal
-40...+60 °C
-20...+115 °C
-20...+60 °C
+10...+90 °C
0...100 %RH
-40...+80 °C

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