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Robust Accurate Portable
HPM601-P Partial Discharge Monitor Product
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Key Features

  • Rugged, Easy plug and play and suitable for Extra High voltage substations
  • IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor environment
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions
  • 4 synchronous PD input channels
  • Highly accurate PD detection, and localization analytics
  • Local data storage and advanced reporting tools

Product Description

HPM601-P Partial Discharge Monitors Summary


Rugged design, designed for reliability, 4 channel portable partial discharge monitor for online periodic testing and measurement.

HPM601-P Partial Discharge Monitors Benefits
    • Eliminate chances of faulty installation and improper commissioning of HV/MV assets
    • Improve the reliability of your HV/MV network with on-time fault detection
    • Helps in extending Asset life with period testing and measurement of PD activities
    • Avoid the cost of unplanned outages due to the sudden failure of HV/MV assets
    • Reduce the cost of testing and measurement with multi-asset portable PD monitor
    • Improved ROI (Return on Investment) with rugged, robust and reliable PD Portable Monitor
    • Peace of mind – with easy to use Portable PD monitor and advanced reporting
    • IEC60270 compliance – helps in saving cost from buying a separate PD monitor
HPM601-P Partial Discharge Monitors Applications
    • Online PD Test and measurement for HV and MV Cable Insulation, Termination and Joints
    • Offline PD measurement during HVAC testing of Power Cables (Resonant, VLF, OWTS Testing)
    • Online PD Test and measurement for Rotating Machines
    • Online PD Test and measurement for MV Switchgear Panels (Metal-clad)
    • Online PD Test and measurement for GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgears)
    • Online PD Test and measurement for Transformers and Reactors

Detailed Overview

Rugged Monitoring High-Frequency Partial Discharge (PD) Monitor is a compact and rugged device enabling the user to perform periodic offline and online PD measurement in power cables and accessories, switchgears and rotating machines. Compact size and rugged enclosure and electronics make it portable, easy to carry and enabling the user to perform PD measurements with less hassle.

Monitor is capable of transferring the data directly to Rugged Enterprise software installed on laptop or data can be temporarily stored (optional) in the device enabling the user to record PD pulses with a higher sampling rate. Thousands of pulses per second can be transferred to the laptop enabling the user to generate fast and reliable Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) graphs. PRPD patterns help the user to identify the type of PD. Monitor and Software are packed with all the necessary tools that help to perform effective PD measurements. Integrated variable amplifiers and onboard denoising features help during onsite testing in case of the presence of huge noise.

There is a dedicated team for application specific customizations for sensors, monitor configuration and software integration to simplify the data collection of testing and monitoring applications.

Technical Specifications

Channels4 Simultaneous channels
Sampling Rate250 MS/s
FilteringSoftware configurable band pass filters
Bandwidth0.01 - 100 MHz
AmplificationUpto 50 dB, Software selectable
SSD Storage Memory1 TB Industrial Grade SSD
Data Transfer High Resolution 10,000 pulses per second for 4 simultaneous channels
Data Transfer Low Resolution50,000 pulses per second for 4 simultaneous channels
Data Transfer Rate400 Mbps (Depending on operating system and connection)
Remote CommunicationIEC61850 (Optional) Propritary Rugged Connect for remote communication Customized third party interface on request
Communication TypeEthernet Fiber / Copper
Communication CableMultimode Fiber / Cat5e
IP Rating IP65
Storage Temperature-40C - 85C
Ambient Temperature-30C - 60C
Input Power35W Max
Synchronization Inputs 2 Inputs, Software selectable (Internal & External)
Dimensions260mm(L) x 310mm(W) x 120mm(H)
SoftwareRugged Enterprise

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Product Drawing

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