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Key Features

  • Highly Sensitive, Wide band, UHF PD Sensors for Transformers
  • Rugged design, 100% Leak proof
  • Easy to Install, Integrated Transient (Over-voltage) Protection
  • High Dielectric, shielded to avoid electromagnetic interface
  • Suitable for extreme environment, Outdoor Substation
  • Customized according to Transformer tank size & inspection covers

Product Description

USENS-T Product Summary


Rugged design, highly sensitive and accurate Partial Discharge sensor for detecting and monitoring partial discharge activity inside Oil Filled and Dry Type Transformers/Reactors.

USENS-T Product Benefits
    • Higher sensitivity (-90dBm); detect even smallest PD activity
    • Wider frequency response, compatible with all PDM systems
    • High Dielectric Strength, Safest installation and operation
    • Shielded Sensor, Lower Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    • Integrated overvoltage protection, for the safety of PDM electronics
    • Rugged design, IP68 Protection, Longer life 100% leak proof sensor
    • Customizable according to the customer requirements
USENS-T Product Applications
    • Power Transformer PD Testing and Monitoring
    • Reactor PD Testing and Monitoring
    • Distribution Transformer PD Testing and Monitoring 
    • Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
    • Periodic Partial Discharge Testing and Measurements
    • High Voltage Testing during Commissioning

Detailed Overview

CIGRE, TB662 and TB 343 recommends installing UHF PD sensors on transformer tank wall for Partial Discharge (PD) activity detection and real time monitoring. Rugged Monitoring has developed the most advanced UHF PD sensor for Transformers, capable of detecting smallest PD activities inside transformer tank.

USENS-T is an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna that is capable of measuring Electromagnetic PD signals from the inside of transformer. The sensors are IP68 rated, easy to install on transformer tank and suitable for all types of Transformers. The sensors can easily be bolted on transformer tank (or inspection cover) directly touching the oil or with dielectric window in-between the sensor and oil. Higher sensitivity (up to -90dBm) over wide range of frequencies (200 - 3000 MHz) helps in reducing the cost of PD monitoring, hence higher ROI (Return on Investment). 

Rugged Monitoring USENS-T is designed to fit on the transformer tank (or inspection cover) of different types of transformers at all voltage levels. The sensors can also be customized according to customer technical requirements. Sensor's built-in overvoltage protections and N-type connection allows them to be connected with any UHF based PD monitoring system, regardless of manufacturers.

Technical Specifications

UHF Frequency Response200 - 3000 MHz
Sensitivityup to -90 dBm
Average Effective Height over 500MHz – 1500MhHz25mm+
Min. Effective Height over 500Mhz – 1500Mhz16mm+
Withstand Voltageup to 1500 kV
OutputN-Type connector; Customized option available
Connector Circuit Impedance50 Ω
Oil Pressureup to 10bar
Vacuum Tightness< 0.10 mbar, Leakage rate < 0.0001 mbar/sec
Vibration TestingSuitable for HV - GIS and Transformer applications
Ingress Protection (IP)IP-68
Ambient (Operating Temperature)-60 0C to +150 °C
Storage Temperature-60 0C to +150 °C
Operating Humidity95% humidity at 50 °C
DimensionsCustomized as per Transformer Flange Design
Weightapp. 1.5 KG; Customized as per customer requirements / Transformer Design
Install PositionTransformer Tank, Inspection Cover, Transformer Dielectric Window
Signal CableVery low attenuation UHF (Coax) cable

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