fiber optic temperature monitors

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors

High performance rugged Monitors for fiber optic temperature sensors designed for reliability & flexibility.

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Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors

  • O201-fiber-optic-rm-monitor


    High Quality, Standalone, Easy to use OEM module for multichannel temperature measurement using fiber optic temperature sensors.

  • H201-fiber-optic-rm-monitor


    Rugged design, designed for reliability, handheld fiber optic temperature monitor for Factory Testing, Industrial and Laboratory applications.

  • R501-fiber-optic-rm-monitor


    Rugged design, and extensive multichannel fiber optic temperature monitor with flexibility to integrate other input and output parameters. Support for centralized and distributed installation make i...

  • T301-fiber-optic-rm-monitor


    Highly robust, rugged and designed for reliability, multichannel fiber optic temperature monitor for Industrial, electric substation and outdoor environment.

  • L201-fiber-optic-rm-monitor


    Light weight, rugged design, and reliable multichannel fiber optic temperature monitor for Laboratory and Research applications.

About Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors

We offer a wide range of rugged fiber optic monitoring solutions for diverse applications. As a leading provider in fiber-optic based sensing solutions we offer best in class reliability & service.

Our monitors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are compatible with a wide range of fiber optic temperature sensors. The system is based on proven GaAs technology, with built in redundancy. Designed for Plug and Play operation, the system doesn’t need any field calibration. Monitors are designed to collect data and are easy to integrate into existing systems through serial communication like RS 232/ RS 485 or analog outputs like 0-10V / 4-20ma. The L201-X RM monitor comes with Rugged Connect software which is designed with the needs of Test platforms or Industrial Process monitoring integration needs. It has the data integration capability of multiple test platforms. Rugged Connect software is designed to collect data from 256 channels simultaneously.

wide range applications for industrials

Related Verticals

  • Electric-Vehicle-Testing


    Rugged fiber optic temperature sensors for E-Mobility applications including Aerospace, Automotive and Battery testing applications.

  • Medical-Temperature-Sensor


    High performing rugged fiber optic temperature sensors for multitude of medical applications like MRI, PET Scans, Neo natal and medical components.

  • Power-Transformer


    Rugged fiber optic temperature sensors for transformer direct winding temperature measurements

  • Industrial-Temperature-Sensors


    Rugged fiber optic temperature sensors designed for reliability. Delivers the best long term reliability and are intrinsically safe

  • RF-Industries


    Industrial grade fiber optic temperature sensors for harsh environments and microwave heating applications

  • Food-Irradiation

    Food & Beverage

    High precision fiber optic temperature sensors for sterile environments. Designed to meet highest safety standards

  • Research-Lab

    Research Labs

    Costomizable fiber optic temperature sensors with superior performance for cutting edge research applications

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