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Rugged Accurate Compact
L201 Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors Product

Key Features

  • Light weight, Rugged, and Compact Design for Laboratory environment
  • USB Powered unit: Plug and Play
  • Range of Options: 2, 4, 6 and 8 measurement Channels
  • Type tested for extreme EMI, and ESD environments
  • Easy to use software (Rugged Connect) with real time monitoring

Product Description

L201 Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors Summary


Highly accurate, easy to handle, robust, designed for reliability, multichannel fiber optic temperature sensing based monitoring system for researchers, laboratory test engineers and designers in Emobility, Semiconductor, Medical, RF/Microwave and Energy segments

L201 Benefits
    • Easy to use table-top system, ideal for research environment
    • USB powered option allows researchers/testers to use the monitor without any external Power Cable
    • Light weight, Robust packaging enables easy handling
    • Higher accuracy and 100% repeatability increases reliability of test results
    • NIST calibration certificate ensures the accuracy of the monitor
    • Self Test FO Channel to ensure integrity of the monitor
    • Saves time of researchers and testing in complex on-site calibration / recalibration and compensation
    • Easy to use Rugged Connect Fiber Optic Software for real time data display, trending, data logging and reporting
    • No more hassle in integrating data to development environment. Monitor comes with drivers for MATLAB, LabVIEW and python
    •  Quick integration with third party system using Modbus, DNP3.0 and IEC60870-104 protocols
L201 Fiber Optic Temperature Monitors Applications
    • Medical: Temperature monitoring during MRI scan, PET/CT scan, Temperature testing of body implantable devices (under MRI), Temperature Monitoring during Tissue Ablation, Catheter, and Electrosurgery
    • Li-ion Battery Testing: Battery Cell Core Temperature Testing, Battery Cell Anode Temperature Profiling, Battery Abuse Testing
    • Lead Acid Battery Testing: Battery internal temperature monitoring, Electrolyte Temperature Testing
    • Power Electronics: Junction temperature monitoring, IGBT temperature testing, DIODE temperature testing, MOSFET temperature testing
    • Semiconductors: Hot spot identification and thermal profiling of semiconductors
    • RF/Microwave: Microwave heating in leather research, Food packaging research, Microwave Digestion sample creation
    • Energy: Hot spot identification and monitoring during new Transformer design
    • Cryogenic temperature monitoring during research applications

Detailed Overview

The Rugged Monitoring L201 is a light weight, compact design, and highly reliable monitoring system based on industry proven fiber optic temperature sensing, GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) technology. The L201 is a multi-channel monitoring system that comes with up to 08 measurement channels, one serial communication port (RS485), one USB port for configuration, and slot for micro SD memory. It can be powered by 5V external Battery or from PC / Laptop (UBS Powered). The L201 is being used in laboratories and research applications where accurate (less than 1°C), faster (200ms) and repeatable (100%) temperature testing/monitoring is needed under harsh conditions such as High Electric, Magnetic, Chemical, RF/Microwave environments. It has a wide measuring range from -269 °C to +300 °C. 

The L201 has a local display for configuration and real time temperature monitoring of all channels. The Rugged Connect software is used for data display and configuration by the laptop or Desktop Computer (PC). The Rugged Connect software is common software being utilized for all fiber optic temperature monitors from RUGGED MONITORING. It has advance features for data visualization, trending, data logging, data export, configuration and reporting. The L201 also supports easy data integration with third party system using its built-in protocols, Modbus, DNP3.0 and IEC60870-104. Industry standard drivers (MATLAB, LabVIEW, python) are available for a quick and easy connect to most popular laboratories software. The Rugged Connect software can also be customized to meet specific requirements of our customers. 

The L201 can be connected with an external Analog Output Module that allows sending measured data to third party systems in current (4-20mA) or Voltage (0-5V or 0-10V) signal format. Analog output values can be programmed to send measurement from one or multiple channels.

Technical Specifications

Drivers (OPTIONAL)MATLAB, LabVIEW, python
Measurement Range-80 °C to +300 °C (-112 °F to +572 °F)
Extended Measurement Range (Optional)Down to 4 °K (-269 °C to +300 °C or -452 °F to +572 °F
Accuracy±1.0 °C Absolute (+/- 0.2 °C in relative temperature)
Number of Channels 2 - 8 Channels
Logging1 sec interval on USB / Micro SD card
Configuration PortUSB (to use with Rugged connect windows software)
Communication PortsRS-485 (RS-232 optional converter); Customized ports available on demand
Input Power5 Volts USB powered
Battery (Optional)Optional Battery Module available (External Battery)
Memory (Optional)MicroSD external memory slot (up to 2 TB)
Analog output module (Optional)Fully configurable 0-10 V / 4-20 mA optional module available (External)
Dimensions"4.92'' x 7'' x 2.72'' 12.5 cm x 18 cm x 6.9 cm"
Scan rate200 ms / channel
operating temp-40°C to +72°C
Storage temp-40°C to +85°C
Humidity95% Non Condensing
Communication Protocols (OPTIONAL)Modbus (Serial), DNP3.0 (Serial) and IEC60870-104 (Serial); Custom protocols can be provided on demand.

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