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Safer Reliable Compact

Key Features

  • Compact and Rugged design for harsh operating conditions.
  • Expandable Multichannel system for a range of OEM applications.
  • Plug and Play system for easy installation and integration.
  • Best in class EMI, ESD Immunity.
  • Integration protocols and drivers available for a verity of OEMs

Product Description


Smaller size, Rugged design, Easy to integrate and Highly reliable fiber optic temperature monitor for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in Emobility, RF/Microwave, Medical and Energy segments.

O201 Benefits
    • Lowest cost solution (sensors and monitors) for harsh operating and test conditions
    • The lower installation cost for OEMs due to its smaller size, robust packaging and Din-rail mount options
    • No more periodic re-calibrations of Sensors and OEM Module: Cost Saving
    • Avoid delays in testing due to the time spent on complex compensation, OEM Module and sensors do not need complex compensation under harsh operating conditions.
    • 100% pass rate in testing/certification due to higher Accuracy and 100% Repeatability
    • Best temperature monitoring for mission critical and fast changing test conditions as the monitors have fast response time
    • Assurance to the superior quality and reliability, Each Monitor comes with a complete NIST calibration certificate
    • Easy to use software with advanced visualization, configuration, analytics and reporting
    • Testing time saved with easy integration feature of the OEM Module; All popular industry protocols (CANBUS, Modbus, DNP3.0, IEC60870-104 etc.) are already implemented for easy integration with third party devices/test platforms.
    • Modelling time saved with already available software drivers for MATLAB, LabView and python
    • Faster customization for OEM specific needs is now possible with the modular architecture of O201
o201 Application
    • Emobility: EV Battery Performance Testing, EV Battery Abuse Testing, Electric Motor Performance Testing, EV Motor Insulation Testing, Powertrain Testing or Inverter Testing, Electric Vehicle Prototype Testing
    • Industrial Microwave / RF Machines: Microwave Drying, Microwave Heating, Microwave Digestion, Microwave Synthesis, Microwave Extraction, RF Drying, RF Heating
    • Minimally Intrusive Tissue Ablation Devices: Temperature Monitoring Sensors for Devices used in Laser Ablation, Microwave Ablation, RF Ablation, Cryoablation, HIFU Ablation.
    • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT (Computerized Tomography) scan devices and their applications.
    • Switchgear Temperature Monitoring: Busbar Hot Spot, Cable Termination Temperature and connectors / Joint Temperature Monitoring.
    • Data Center UPS Battery Temperature Monitoring for meeting Fire Code Compliance
    • Food Sterilization, Pasteurization and packaging

Detailed Overview

The Rugged Monitoring O201 is a compact design, din-rail mount and standalone OEM module that can be easily installed along with the devices / machines and be used for various applications that require fiber optic temperature sensors.

The O201 is based on proven GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) technology of fiber optic temperature measurement. It is a multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitor that comes into 4 options i.e. 02 channels, 04 channels, 06 channels and 08 channels. Up to 32 x O201 units can be connected in series (daisy chain distributed architecture) using Modbus, CANBUS or DNP3.0 protocols to make the total of 256 channel monitoring system.

The O201 fiber optic temperature monitor offers higher accuracy (0.2 Deg C, relative), with 100% repeatability, over a wide measurement range (-269 °C to +300 °C). The monitor does not need periodic calibrations and complex compensations while measuring the temperature under harsh conditions, EMI, RFI, Microwave and high voltage environments.

The O201 comes with advanced software, Rugged Connect, for data logging, visualization, configuration and reporting. The Rugged Connect software is common software being utilized for all fiber optic temperature monitors from RUGGED MONITORING. The system has built-in industry-standard data integration protocols for third party system integration using serial (RS485) and CAN ports. A new type of communication port and protocols can also be implemented upon request. Industry-standard drivers are also available for a quick connection to most popular laboratory software e.g. MATLAB, LabView, python etc.

The O201 system has one system fault relay that gets actuated in the event of any fault with the system. The system also has an option for integrated analog output card (up to 8 channels) for sending temperature information out to their party system in current (4-20mA) or Voltage (0-5V or 0-10V) signal format.

The O201 system is an ideal choice with higher ROI (Return on Investment) for the equipment manufacturers that need to have the flexibility to offer fiber optic temperature measurement feature into their machines /devices.

RUGGED MONITORING not only provides quality product and services to customers, but it also helps customers in faster hardware and software customization with the support of its highly skilled team that has more than 100 years of experience in Fiber optics.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range-80 °C to +300 °C (cryogenic 4 °K range optional)
Measurement range (Optional Range extensions)Down to 4 °K / Up to +300 °C
Accuracy±1.0 °C (+/- 0.2 °C in relative temperature)
Number of Channels1 - 8 Channels
USB (to use with Rugged connect windows software)1 sec interval on USB / Micro SD card
Config portUSB (to use with Rugged connect windows software)
Max # of ChannelsExpandable to 256 Channels, Daisy chain up to 32 units (with Modbus, Canbus)
Comunication PortsRS-485 (RS-232 optional converter) with Modbus , CANbus
Power24 VDC
MemoryMicroSD external memory slot (up to 2 TB)
Analog output moduleFully configurable eight 0-10 V / 4-20 mA module(Optional)
Dimensions4.72" x 6.34" x 1.89" 120 x 161 x 48 mm
Scan rate200 ms / channel ( Optional: Faster scanning rates available)
Operating temp-40 to 72 °C
Storage temp-40 to 85 °C
Humidity95% Non Condensing
RelaySystem Fault relay (5A)

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