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Microwave heating equipment is widely used in process monitoring applications. Temperature and pressure conditions are critical to determine yield and /or efficiency of these processes

Fiber optic sensors can be safely used to monitor temperature in these chemically active processes. Sensors are designed with PTFE which is resistant to harsh chemicals. The sensor is non-conductive, immune to RF, withstands microwave radiation, corrosive environments and can operate across wide temperature ranges.

Rugged Monitoring provides comprehensive testing solutions for microwave heated process applications. We are a team with combined experience of 100+ years in fiber optics and have experience with serving the commercial grade microwave heated equipment industry by addressing temperature management.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are intrinsically safe and immune to external influence (magnetic fields, chemical, Corrosion, vibration etc). They are also highly responsive and can help process engineers refine their processes through effective monitoring for reliable results. We also offer an OEM solution for system integration needs.

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