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Capacitive Couplers with a wide range of nominal voltage ratings are designed for Partial Discharge (PD) Testing and PD Monitoring as per IEC60270. The sensors are designed for different capacitance level

s from 2nF to 80pF meeting the requirements of various customers.

HSENS-CC is a 

Capacitive Coupler specially designed for capturing High-Frequency Partial Discharge (PD) signals. The compact size and high dielectric properties of the sensor make it ideal for installation at the busbar and within terminal boxes.

The sensor can be installed vertically and horizontally depending on the space limitations. The HSENS-CC sensors come with built-in over-voltage protection with different output connections (BNC/TNC). The sensors can be connected to any HF (High Frequency) PD monitoring system regardless of manufacturer.



  • Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
  • Partial Discharge Testing and Measurements
  • High Voltage Testing during Commissioning
  • Generator and Motor PD Testing and Monitoring
  • MV Switchgear and Isolated Phase Bus PD Testing and Monitoring
  • Transformer PD Testing and Dry Type Transformer PD Monitoring

  • Higher sensitivity 1pC increases accuracy of PD detection
  • Allow PD testing and Monitoring without the need for outage
  • Easy installable, and High Dielectric strength, Safest Sensors
  • Shielded Sensor, Noise Immunity
  • Built-in overvoltage protection keeps the PDM electronics safer
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Wider Nominal Voltage and Capacitance levels for different Applications
Technical Specifications
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