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Wood Drying Application

Solutions Summary


Products used for this solution: Rugged Monitoring Products used in these applications 

  • Monitors: T 301
  • Sensors: Lsens – T, Rugged capillary
  • Software: Rugged Connect


System Configuration

System Configuration Description - 

In medicine, monitoring is the observation of a disease, condition or one or several medical parameters over time.

It can be performed by continuously measuring certain parameters by using a medical monitor (for example, by continuously measuring vital signs by a bedside monitor), and/or by repeatedly performing medical tests (such as blood glucose monitoring with a glucose meter in people with diabetes mellitus).

Measurement Range -80 °C to +300 °C (cryogenic 4 °K range optional)
FO Temp Probe for Central Winding - HV1 per Phase
FO Temp Probe for Central Winding - LV1
FO Temp Probe for Central Winding - LV1

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