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Wood Drying Application

Why Wood drying: In the wood industry, wood is dried     

  • Remove moisture 
  • Improve structural integrity to avoid damage from shrinkage    
  • Control the color, shape    
  • Elimination of living organisms like insects and parasites.

Advantages of Microwave/RF Drying:    

  • Fast drying ( 2 days in a Kiln instead of 2 month in the back yard )
  • The most homogeneous drying process
  • Minimize danger of cracks, shape and changing the color of wood    
  • Avoiding burning the center of the beam  

Chemical free     

  • Methyl bromide (MeBr) has been widely used to decontaminate wood infected by living organisms.
  • MeBr is highly toxic and depletes the stratospheric ozone layer, the use of Microwave is non toxic and eco friendly 

Typical Costomers

  • Wood Processors
  • Wood Exporters
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Shipping Material Provider

Advantages of Fiber Optics: Fiber optic monitoring in wood drying provides significant benefits to traditional methods    

  • Test certificates for customer specification compliance    
  • Fiber optic sensors are immune to RF/ Microwave
  • Avoid RF waves burning the center of the beam
  • Continuous Monitoring for quality control  

Products used for this solution: Rugged Monitoring Products used in these applications 

  • Monitors: T 301
  • Sensors: Lsens – T, Rugged capillary
  • Software: Rugged Connect

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