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Bushing Monitoring


Rugged Monitoring presents an advanced bushing monitoring solution that gives predictive diagnostics to help users prevent
malfunctions or breakdowns in wide range of power transformer bushing equipment. Our self-operating system and remote monitoring solutions present real-time diagnosis and allow utilities to work towards solving problems rather than finding them.


RM’s Bushing Monitoring solutions from sensors to software, continuously monitors the condition of bushings in real time and provide operators with changes in capacitance and power factor (tan delta) to assess the bushing insulation and efficiency.


Energy Related Solutions

Rugged, Most Versatile and Multi-Channel monitoring solution, Capable of Monitoring One or Multiple Assets: Basic Asset Monitoring, Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring, Partial Discharge, Bushing, OLTC, Load, Power, and more.


Rugged Monitoring BM201 is an online bushing monitoring module designed compactly to monitor real time condition of the Bushings  Operating under high voltage substation environments with greater reliability BM201 measures Power Factor/Tan δ and Capacitance from the bushing test tap adaptors. It will alert personnel of fault conditions at an early stage and provide vital health information on the bushings and the transformer. 


BSENS continually perform online condition monitoring of transformer bushings through regular time-based diagnostics. Bushing Sensors for Tan _ and Capacitance monitoring are based on measuring Leakage Current in the range of 1mA to 200mA which also additionally provides HF signals between 100 kHz – 25 MHz for PD monitoring. 

System Architecture
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