Monitor your electrical assets today to avoid any unplanned outages tomorrow


The distribution network has a giant infrastructure which must be inspected, maintained and monitored 24/7. In RM, with our deep domain knowledge of electrical assets and its monitoring, we have designed and developed monitoring solutions, comprising the most accurate sensors, monitors and software.  


The distribution system can be monitored remotely with the simple-to-use cloud-based software platform, RMEYE. The monitoring solution combines our state-of-the-art sensors, monitors and our RMEYE software for various portfolios ranging from utility to commercial and from research to medical applications.


We at Rugged Monitoring focus on perfection in both technical and commercial aspects by making the system more efficient in its operation. RM advocates for customers worldwide to incorporate monitoring solutions for their new distribution systems, as well as digitalizing their existing systems.

Monitoring Distribution Assets
transformer TRANSFORMERS

Most versatile monitoring solution capable of monitoring one or multiple transformers at the same time.


Turnkey Monitoring solution with greater diagnostic capability to analyze crucial parameters of rotating machines.


transformer SWITCHGEAR

Monitoring and tracking switchgear performance is important for an efficient and increased asset lifetime. 

transformer POWER CABLES

Real time monitoring of cable terminations and joints for early fault detection, notification while enabling condition maintenance of power cables. 

transformer BREAKERS

Advanced comprehensive monitoring solution for your circuit breakers which keeps it in a well projected and highly safe operating mechanism

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