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CPU 201

The CPU201 comes with a System Fault relay, featuring a Form-A relay with two contacts.

Key Features

Working Principle

System Fault Relay

The CPU201 comes with a System Fault relay, featuring a Form-A relay with two contacts. This relay is "hard wired" and automatically energizes or activates upon power-up, providing instant notifications of any system faults, ensuring timely actions to safeguard your assets.

Easy Data Retrieval

Retrieving the logged data from the microSD card is effortless. Easily access the SD card content by removing it from the instrument and connecting it to a PC computer using a USB adapter. This user-friendly process ensures convenient data analysis and archiving.

We at Rugged Monitoring are motivated to provide innovative and exceptional quality products, our vision remains focused on meeting customer requirements while anticipating and exceeding the needs of a continuously changing dynamic market.
Webserver Data Transfer For added flexibility, the CPU201 facilitates data transfer to a PC using the built-in webserver. While this method is suitable for smaller data files, we recommend using the microSD card for larger files to ensure effcient and faster data retrieval.

With the CPU201 Central Processing Unit, gain unparalleled control and insights into your electrical assets' condition. Stay ahead of potential issues, make informed decisions, and optimize maintenance strategies with this powerful and intuitive module. Invest in the CPU201 and unlock the true potential of your assets for a future of enhanced reliability and performance.



  • Transformer Monitoring
  • Motor/ Generator Monitoring
  • Cable Monitoring
  • Switchgear Monitoring

  • System boasts powerful gateway and mediaconverter capabilities
  • Historical Data Storage and Trend Analysis
  • Proactive Maintenance and Cost Savings
  • Informed and Quick Decision Making
  • Reliability and Longevity of assets
  • Prevents unexpected failures and reduces downtime
Technical Specifications

Data storage capacity

Logging Rate
Config Port
Communication & Integration Options

Micro SD external memory lot (up to 2 TB)

1 Sec interval on USB
USB (to use with Rugged Connect Windows software)
H 120 x W47.25 x D 128 USB (to use with Rugged Connect
Can integrate with any third party devices that are compatible with Modbus,DNP3.0, IEC 60870-5-104, MQTT, IEC61850, PRP

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