Multi Asset Multi Site Condition Monitoring for Electrical Assets is made possible in one Solution

By Rugged monitoring | 19/05/23



Realize the benefits of RMEYE in one go

Industries that can benefit from Multi Site Multi Asset condition monitoring

Key attributes to consider during evaluation of multi asset condition monitoring

Get to know more about Multi Site Multi Asset Condition Monitoring


Condition monitoring of electrical assets focuses on preventing asset failures and downtime by monitoring the health of assets to determine the maintenance needs to be scheduled and parts to be replaced. Discover the ability to gain a better understanding of your asset health and the transformational value brought on with the adoption of multi-site multi-asset monitoring.


With the advent of RM EYE; an IoT based remote online condition monitoring solution, it is now viable to monitor numerous electrical assets located in different places easily. One solution with multiple dashboard options that can provide you with complete asset health and analysis that allows maintenance teams to anticipate a potential failure to take appropriate action.


Get to know more about Multi Site Multi Asset Condition Monitoring


Technology has not only brought people closer through various communication channels but has also induced automation into work and has shrunk the complexity in handling and monitoring multiple regions far and wide. This technological development has paved its way for simplifying remote condition monitoring for multi assets in multiple regions. Big companies, with operations distributed geographically, monitoring all the sites remotely with one system to know the condition of all assets you require a multi-site multi asset condition monitoring system. The state of the art, real time condition monitoring system not only ensures the asset health but also gives at most importance to cyber security.


“Rugged Monitoring has developed an AI based comprehensive electrical asset condition monitoring system - RM EYE”


With multiple analytical capabilities in asset condition monitoring that stands way apart in technological advancement. Multi-site asset condition monitoring is made simple with RM EYE, by enabling multi-level access rights for different users and dashboards with relevant information for their site and assets; and thus providing security of the system. While the upper management gets a bird’s eye view of the overall asset health and region operation, the substation managers can get in-depth reports on the alarms and asset health for planned maintenance and assessment.


RM EYE is the industry leading condition monitoring system


RM EYE emphasizes technological research, domain expertise, and takes an innovative approach for condition monitoring of the electrical assets. It considers every aspect in condition monitoring of different assets and users to give the best recommendation for longer and better health of the assets.



Key attributes to consider during evaluation of multi asset condition monitoring

Large scale electrical utility companies are capital-intensive organizations. Aging of equipment fleets and changing demands are the challenges faced by electrical utility companies. Maintaining high system reliability and availability with minimum maintenance or replacement costs has become essential. To meet these requirements multi asset condition monitoring provides asset experts with the following benefits to improve electrical grid reliability and resilience.



Industries that can benefit from Multi Site Multi Asset condition monitoring


RM Eye is a versatile condition monitoring solution that can offer comprehensive analysis on various electrical assets spread across multiple industries. It considers every aspect in condition monitoring of different assets like transformer, cable, GIS, AIS, motor, generator, UPS, VFD, MV panel, battery, relays, etc and users to give the best recommendation for longer and better health of the assets. With the new updated On-Prem & Cloud solution, it is an infinitely scalable condition monitoring system that can provide a detailed reporting that you require for a smooth operation of your industry.

Industry Solution for


Data Centers

Power Plants

Oil & Gas

Solar Farms

Steel Plant

Wind Farms

Industrial Plants


Charging Station

Metals & Mining

Battery Storage Stations


Benefit from condition monitoring that help you achieve better utilization of assets

Realize the benefits of RM EYE, in one go

Receive Timely Alerts

Get all the Alarm information at real-time trigger and updates about the assets on mobile, desktop and emails.

Informed Decision Making

Get deep analysis of diagnosed faults with advanced analytical tools and run cause analysis with ready access to historical data.

Extended Asset Life Cycles

RM EYE determines the asset’s remaining life and help in condition based maintenance planning. Proper maintenance leads to extended life of the assets and hence increase asset replacement cycle.

Capture Trends and Increase Return On Investment

Get decision supporting insights at a glance to drive your asset maintenance and management strategies. With regular maintenance & monitoring, reduce insurance premium by avoiding the need for asset replacement thus enabling ROI.

Different dashboards for different user roles and levels

Company, Region, Substation analysis on your fingertips with different dashboards to identify problem areas with interactive dashboards for every user based on the hierarchy. User can get Running status at a glance with problem areas related to the specific assets assigned.

On prem and Cloud Installation

Built on well-established remote and cloud-based technology and available for intranet use.

Data analysis on Online and Offline data

Utilize every data point collected about the assets to assess the health of the electrical assets. Data points of online test reports, SAT, FAT, inspection records in addition to online monitoring data are crucial in determining the condition of the assets.


RM Eye is an Advanced asset health monitoring solution with analytics and recommendations to increase asset effectiveness in addition to maximizing the equipment uptime that provides valuable insights about Multiple Assets at Multiple Sites from time to time. 


As we advance in technology, new and advanced features are being induced to the electrical asset condition monitoring system to enable easy flow of work and maintenance activities for companies, thereby increasing the overall return on investment.


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