World’s First AI-Driven APM

Asset Excellence with AI-Powered Analytics


Advanced Asset Performance Management System

Get ready to revolutionize- Meet Rugged’s The RM EYE

Engineered with intelligence at its core, RM EYE embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, enabling users to gain unprecedented insights into the health, status, and efficiency of electrical assets.

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Comprehensive Condition Monitoring with RM EYE

Whether it’s real-time monitoring of critical parameters, predictive maintenance scheduling, or trend analysis, RMEYE offers a robust set of functionalities to meet the evolving demands of modern industries.

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Increased return on investment


Organizations using RM EYE have experienced a substantial reduction in maintenance costs through early issue detection and optimized asset management.


Reduction in Maintenance Costs

State-of-the-art technology

With RM EYE there is a gurantee that you will have more access to the information of your assets- Multi-site, Multi- Asset Condition Monitoring


Stay Ahead With RM EYE

Delivering Actionable Insights for Rapid Decision Making


Streamlined Monitoring Solutions
for Multiple Assets, Enriched with Interactive Dashboards

Technical specifications

Asset type monitored Transformer, Switchgear, AIS, GIS, Cables,
Rotating Machines, VFD, Battery , Power Electronics
Asset type monitored Content Transformer, Switchgear, AIS, GIS, Cables, Rotating Machines, VFD, Battery , Power Electronics
Hosting / Installation – On-Prem (into Customer Data Center)
– Customer Cloud Hosting
– Rugged Monitoring Hosted Cloud (Subscription based)
User Management User-configurable visualization for different roles, Company, Region, Substation and Asset Level
Responsiveness Cross-browser &PED for Desktop, Laptop, AV Devices, Tab (PWD), Mobile (PWD)
Number of Asset Monitored – Depends on the hardware platform
– Software can support monitoring of Less than 10 Assets to 1 Million+ Assets
Scalability – Scalable to add additional assets at later stage
– Will require licences to add more number of assets in future
Modularity – Modular to add more features (Dashboards, Reports, users etc.)
– Modular to add new assets and asset types on existing installation
– Supports SaaS model, easy to integrate third party analytics
Analytical Models – Asset health Assessment Analytics for Fault Identification and Categorization
– Advance Health Index, Risk Index and Criticality Index Analytics for Fleet of Assets
– Asset Aging Analytics and Remaining Life Assessment
Alarm / Alert Notification – Real-Time Alarm and Alert Notification using Traffic Light Indications
– Alarms related to issues with Assets, Communication Failure, Power Failure.
– Alarm summarization for Substation, Region and Company Level.
– SMS / Email Notification (Optional)
Reporting – Advance reporting engine with the flexibility to configure different Reports
– Automatic Report Generation on User-defined criterion/time period
– Automatic Email feature for Reports
Data / Cyber Security – Compliant to NERC CIP5 standard
– Complaint to IEC 62443
User / Role Management – Easy Integration with Customer Active Directory Control
– Functionality to create roles and users for limiting access to the system
– Provides flexibility to limit data access and screen level access
– Latest Password Protection Practices
Data Input File Supported FTP/SFTP of following file formats: CSV / Excel, JSON, XML, and PDF
Data Export File Supported FTP/SFTP of following file formats: CSV / Excel, JSON, XML, and PDF

World’s First AI-Driven APM


Optimizing Energy Efficiency & Facilitating Decarbonization


Unlock the full potential of RM EYE

1. What type of data can I view in RM EYE?

The RM EYE provides a centralized dashboard for all your condition monitoring data. You can view real-time and historical trends for various parameters, including temperature, vibration, current signature, partial discharge (PD), and more, depending on the specific sensors deployed on your assets.

2. Can I customize the data visualization in RM EYE?

Absolutely! The RM EYE offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to personalize your experience. You can customize dashboards, set up alerts for critical events, and drill down into specific assets or data points for a more granular view.

3. How does RM EYE help me improve asset management?

The RM EYE empowers you with proactive asset management capabilities. By providing real-time insights into asset health, you can identify potential issues early on, prioritize maintenance activities, and prevent unexpected failures. This translates to increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and extended asset lifespan.


RM EYE: Your Window into Real-Time Condition Monitoring Data

The RM EYE is your central hub for accessing and visualizing real-time data from your Rugged Monitoring solutions. This intuitive platform empowers you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your asset health, identify potential issues early on, and make data-driven decisions to optimize maintenance strategies. Take control of your asset management and unlock the power of predictive insights – explore the RM EYE today!