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Rugged, Most Versatile and Multi-Channel monitoring solution, Capable of Monitoring One or Multiple Assets: Basic Asset Monitoring, Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring, Partial Discharge, Bushing, OLTC, Load, Power, and more.


R501 – Rugged fiber optic temperature monitor with plug and play features for increased accuracy and resolution 
R501 is the most advanced monitoring solution designed to monitor multiple electrical assets with its simple and user-friendly interface. R501 provides condition monitoring of electrical assets by focusing on preventing asset failures and downtime. With our comprehensive electrical asset condition monitoring solution, the health of assets can be determined and also maintenance activities can be scheduled.

The system along with sensors, monitors, and software (RMEYE) is completely modular and customizable, with its rack mount design various monitoring can be added as per the requirements and specifications. The solution can be used for existing (retrofit applications) or new electrical assets.

  • Transformer Monitoring (Oil Filled/ Dry Type)
  • Cable Monitoring (EHV/ HV/ MV)
  • Switchgear Monitoring (GIS/ AIS/ MV Panel)
  • Motors/ Generators Monitoring (DOL/ VFD)
  • Highest return on investment
  • Field upgradable with no device downtime