Precisely designed for probe robustness and ease of installation to get reliable, long-term temperature data, essential for accurate transformer aging evaluation.


  • Optimized for easy installation in oil-filled and dry-type- transformers and reactors
  • Rugged and robust construction built to outlast your transformer life
  • Outstanding repeatability, zero-drift GaAs technology
  • 9 mm disc design, suitable for all locations in a transformer (windings, cores, busbars, tap changers, etc.)
  • Solvent and chemical resistant

Precisely designed for probe robustness and ease of installation to get reliable, long-term temperature data, essential for accurate transformer aging evaluation.

Rugged Monitoring Tsens probes have been designed and built to incorporate in transformers to give precise results (direct measurements of temperature). The sensing technology is based on the proven zero-drift GaAs technology. They are completely built using first quality materials, with very high dielectric strength, to provide accurate temperature readings of transformers, which is essential to a good knowledge of transformer aging rate. 
The probes will give both transformer manufacturer and operator invaluable information regarding the transformer expected MVA performance during a factory heat run tests.

  • Power transformers, oil-filled and dry-type
  • High voltage environments (1 MV, or more)
  • Suitable for HVDC windings
  • Mounts in standard radial spacers
  • Withstands kerosene desorption
  • Compatible with all types of transformer oil, including ester type
  • Compatible with all Rugged Monitoring instruments
  • Sensors do not require any calibration, ever
  • No shift over time, high stability
  • PTFE Teflon spiral-wrap reinforcement
  • Robust fiber optic temperature sensor tip
  • Available with disc and without disc
  • Surpass ASTM D2413 and D149 standards
  • Very low PD performance
  • Designed to exceed transformer life
Temperature range
-80 °C to +250 °C
0.2 °C
Accuracy absolute temperature
+/- 0.8 °C
Accuracy relative temperature
+/- 0.2 °C
Probe sheathing material
Teflon spiral-wrap
Tip material
Torlon (with disc) or Polyimide (no disc)
Stainless alloy ST with zirconia ferrule (Optional: Dielectric Torlon ST with zirconia ferrule)
Probe length
Up to 25 meters
Response time
Up to 0.2 sec without disc. About 2 sec with disc
Probe accuracy and repeatability constant over time


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