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At Rugged Monitoring, our core values—Customer Value, Ownership Mindset, Respect, Integrity, One Team, and Excellence—guide our decisions and actions, helping us achieve our goals.

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We firmly believe that ethical business conduct springs from unwavering dedication to our core values: Customer Value, Ownership Mindset, Respect, Integrity, One Team, and Excellence. These values have always guided our decisions and actions, serving as our North Star.

Every member of the Rugged Monitoring family – whether employees, consultants, or associates – is expected to uphold these values, irrespective of their role or the challenges they encounter. Adherence to these values is non-negotiable for us and must remain paramount in all our endeavors.

We recognize that the means by which we achieve our goals are as significant as the goals themselves. Therefore, we place equal emphasis on the means and the ends, ensuring that our actions are consistently aligned with our values every step of the way.

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At the helm of electrical asset condition monitoring, we champion ‘Quality First’. Our ISO 9001-2015 certification underscores our commitment to excellence. Through innovation, passion, and persistent integrity, we lead with creativity and growth. We are not just leaders; We are the trendsetters, dedicated to delivering the best products and service at every step of the way.


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Rugged Monitoring believes in the ‘Quality First’, delivery of its products and services and adheres to the following three policies- Quality, Environmental, and Health & Security.

Rugged Monitoring is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Other reputed certifications awarded to Rugged are- ISO 14000, ISO 45001- OHSAS 18000, Llyod’s Register and ATEX Certification.

Want to know more about our products and their use across various industries? Get in touch with us at +1-418-767-0111 or via email at info@ruggedmonitoring.com.