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Critical/Power Electronics Design Validation

Fiber optic temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature profile of hot spots on circuit boards of critical electronics and power modules. The real-time temperature monitoring helps in identifying the following major issues with circuit boards:

  • Communication breakdowns between PC and board
  • Issues related to cooling systems, poor airflow, and cooling gel
  • Tj (Junction temperature) i.e. IGBT, DIODE and MOSFET

Temperature monitoring along high voltage power supply, laser and detector boards helps in improving the design and increasing system reliability.

Critical/Power Electronics Design Validation

E-Chucks with Integrated Temperature Sensors

Many advanced E-Chuck (Electrostatic Chuck) designs are coming with integrated fiber optic temperature sensors. The temperature sensors are designed to be in direct contact with the wafer backside. The sensors are smaller in size, robust, accurate and immune to EMI and RF/microwave interference. The fiber optic temperature sensors and monitors are stable and free from re-calibration.

Having temperature sensors on E-Chuck eliminates the need for installing temperature sensors on the wafer surface. Sensors do not pose any risk of arcing under microwave environments or contaminating chambers.

E-Chucks with Integrated Temperature Sensors

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Monitoring

The continuous advancements in the semiconductor industry has introduced processes that are faster and more efficient. RF/microwave heating is being replaced by conventional heating along with more advanced plasma etching.

Because of the use of electromagnetic, radiofrequency and microwave environments, fiber optic temperature sensors are being used for temperature monitoring and control in manufacturing processes. Rugged Monitoring’s fast, responsive, smaller size and higher accuracy sensors and monitors are used in critical steps of the manufacturing process, like Plasma Etch, CVD, PVD, EPI, RTP etc.

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Monitoring

Direct Wafer Surface Temperature Profiling

Wafer surface temperature monitoring in the semiconductor industry is very important because the most vital processes occur on the wafer surface. Real-time and accurate temperature monitoring of the wafer surface during the entire manufacturing process enables:

  • Identifying the performance of manufacturing equipment
  • Increasing equipment uptime and reducing maintenance cost
  • Faster production root cause analysis of faults in manufacturing process

Our fast, responsive, accurate and smaller size fiber optic temperature sensors are an ideal choice for wafer surface temperature monitoring.

Direct Wafer Surface Temperature Profiling