partial discharge sensors

Partial Discharge Sensors

Highly sensitive and rugged on-line Partial Discharge Sensors for detecting the smallest partial discharge activity in High Voltage Assets and Networks.

Partial Discharge Sensors

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    Rugged, ultra-sensitive and wide range Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensor for capturing high-frequency signals from Partial Discharge activities inside metal-clad switchgears, termination boxes at c...

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    Rugged, transient proof and ultra-sensitive High-Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT) sensors for capturing high-frequency signals from Partial Discharge activities in the insulation of cables, switch...

About Partial Discharge Sensors

Partial Discharge (PD) is a localized dielectric discharge in the insulation system under high-voltage field stress. PD can lead to the complete breakdown of High Voltage assets and even be catastrophic if not addressed at the right time. PD testing and monitoring is recommended by all international standards, electric experts and committees.

RUGGED MONITORING provides a range of wideband partial discharge sensors for detecting PD activity in the insulation of Medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV) assets.

  • Power Cables: installed at terminations, joints and sealing ends
  • Switchgears: installed at MV/LV Switchgear Panel and busbars
  • Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS): Installed on the GIS metal tubes and cable sealing ends
  • Transformers and Reactors: installed on the tank and cable sealing ends
  • Rotating Machines: Installed on termination box and busbars

The sensors are non-invasive and non-intrusive; they can be installed and operated while the assets are on-line. The sensors are designed to be installed at ultra-high voltage assets (up to 1500kV) and provide 100% safety to PD test and measurement engineers. The sensors are robust, designed for reliability and capable to capture even the smallest partial discharge signals. The sensors are based on industry-standard technologies and suitable to be used with our and third-party PD monitoring systems.

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