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Fiber Optic Sensors for Microwave Digestion Instrument

Solutions Summary

Microwave heating is very popular for quick and selective digestion of materials in various industries e.g. Food and feed, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Environmental, etc. In these application, the sample is mixed into an acid mixture and heated to high temperature, up to 250 or 300⁰C. However, spontaneous heating of acid mixture induces exothermic reaction resulting into very rapid change in temperature and pressure.

Therefore, faster and accurate monitoring of temperature and pressure is crucial in minimizing safety risks. Fiber optic sensors for temperature and pressure measurement have been widely successful in microwave assisted digestion applications due their immunity to electro magnetic field within the microwaves.


Benefits of Temperature Monitoring

 Vessel temperature monitoring increases safety of digestion operation
• Increases lifetime of digestion vessel by direct temperature monitoring
• Programmable temperature limits for starting cooling operation
• Close observations, recording and reporting
• Sample temperature monitoring for highly accurate research analysis
• Precise and automatic sample temperature control

safety of digestion operationBenefits of Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

1. Faster Reaction Time
The measuring speed of the sensor is extremely important for controlling exothermic reactions effectively. The in-situ Fiber optic temperature sensors provide fastest response time (within 0.1s) in detecting temperature change.

2. Direct and Accurate Measurement
Direct contact with vessels and sample ensures efficient and safe control of the digestion process. It also helps in analyzing different vessel's reaction for consistency and detecting any abnormality.

3. Immunity to Microwaves and EMI Fields
Immunity to microwave and EMI fields helps in using Fiber Optic temperature sensors without any bulky shielding (as it would be required in case of thermocouples). Bulky shielding always introduces delay and inaccuracy in measurements.

4. No Contamination to Digestion Sample
Fiber optic temperature sensors bounded with PTFE material never pose a risk of contaminating digestion sample and leading to failure of experiment or safety measures.

5. Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion from the sensor coating / shielding always have risk of failing experiments. Fiber optic temperature sensors are bounded by PTFE, the same material that is used for making vessel caps. Therefore no risk of corrosion.

6. Pressure Neutral Temperature Measurement
GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) based Fiber Optic temperature sensors are not impacted by pressure and provide similar accuracy in high pressure and low pressure environment. Ideal for pressure digestion applications.

7. Ease of Handling (Plug and Play)
Fiber optic temperature sensors do not need any special mounting requirements and can be mounted at tiny spaces. These sensors do not require complex calibration and can be reused in different applications.

System Architecture

We provide range of fiber optic temperature sensors, monitors and accessories to microwave manufacturers for digestion applications. Fiber optic sensors and monitors are being used during the product testing of microwaves and installed into microwaves for temperature monitoring during the digestion process. 

Our solution is capable of monitoring variety of microwave digestion applications ranging from one sensor per microwave (in the reference vessel) to large quantity of sensors (up to 256 sensors) for independent vessel and sample monitoring.

System Configuration

Quantity with Comments 1 (for each Vessel) 1 (for each Sample) Multi-Channel (up to 08 in one board) OEM Module - O201 Multi-Channel (up to 08 in one board) Monitor - L201 Multi-Channel (up to 256 sensors) Monitor - R501 01 (for each sensor)
Equipment (System Component) FO Temperature Sensors on the vessel surface FO Temperature Sensors for Sample temperature FO Temperature Monitor (to fit with Temperature control electronics) FO Temperature Monitor (independent temperature monitoring during microwave development) FO Temperature Monitor for applications that require to monitor large number of temperature points (up to 256) Accessories: V-Pin Crimp and Cleave connector

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