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High performing rugged fiber optic temperature sensors for multitude of medical applications like MRI, PET Scans, Neo natal and medical components.

Why Rugged Monitoring + Medical?

Healthcare advances accelerated medical device development. Developing cutting edge medical devices and equipment that ensures patient safety and product performance requires test equipment that is designed for these applications.

Equipment with high magnetic fields like MRI, PETSCAN, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) where thermal management of test subjects is critical to accurate diagnosis. Fiber optic sensors are dielectric and immune to electromagnetic interference. Point sensors are used to collect precise data over a small area in the test subject during equipment testing.

Rugged Monitoring provides comprehensive testing solutions for medical equipment providers. We are a team with combined experience of 100+ years in fiber optics and have experience in serving the medical equipment market by delivering solutions to address thermal management issues.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are intrinsically safe and immune to external influence (Magnetic Fields, Electrical, Vibration etc.). They are also highly responsive and can help design engineers test medical equipment. We also offer an OEM solution for system integration needs.

fiber optic medical sensors

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